April 30, 2020

Asset manager creates investment portfolios using artificial intelligence

Where a self-propelled car has to act 100% correctly, a self-propelled algorithm only has to act 1% better than its human counterpart. A breeze for A.I. driven trading algorithms. Asset managers finally get access.

What does the future of investing look like?

The 'flash crash' of May 5, 2010 already showed the daily reality 9 years ago:
Beleggen shifted from desktop trading to algorithm trading. Manual
'with four screens on the desk' investing is only done by private individuals and asset managers. The real professionals, the big
trading houses and investment bankers - have been working differently for years: they trade with algorithms. These are smarter, faster and safer.

The news: Asset managers are finally getting access. Investing with big data, artificial intelligence and algorithms requires huge investments and is generally not available to Dutch asset managers. In particular, the composition of stable long-term investment portfolios requires a lot of economic and social data. This requires algorithms that can process a great deal of information and thousands of optimisation rounds using 'machine learning'.

Fintech-startup RevenYOU from Haarlem is a specialist in trading algorithms and has a successful platform for the development of trading strategies. Professionals from all over the world are active with their algorithmic trading strategies. One of the five major end products RevenYOU launches is helping to build investment portfolios with artificial intelligence for (Dutch) asset managers.

RevenYOU expects to be able to start this year with the first, limited 'live-gang' of algorithmic portfolios. The technology is ready, the eco-system of specialists and data-scientists is ready.

In the near future RevenYOU will launch the investment app. Then anyone with a smartphone will be able to invest their savings easily and at low cost via the platform of super-algorithms.
This can be done with a deposit starting at 5 dollars.

RevenYOU is a well-known fintech start-up from the Netherlands. The value of the company increased in 1.5 years to 44 million euros. In addition to its existing product line, such as the algorithm-development platform 'Tower', it now announces to enter the market of the asset manager.

What are trading algorithms?

Trading algorithms are automated trading strategies, these strategies can be programmed to automatically buy or sell at certain points. The reason for buying or selling can be determined in the finest detail by programmers, from sentiment analysis to complicated price analysis. These algorithms can perform market analyses and actions not only very consistently but above all many times faster than people.

Wall Street has spent many billions on the development of these trading algorithms for many years. Already 80% of all stock trading in the world is algorithmic.

However, the problem is: Asset managers cannot take part in this now. The investments in knowledge and computers needed to do this REALLY successfully are enormous. RevenYOU's asset manager service includes a selection of the 250 best portfolio algorithms. With this technology asset managers can offer their clients more added value.
Reduced risk and improved returns.

More about RevenYOU


2018, location: Haarlem


We are going to turn the whole world of investing upside down by making it bigger, safer, more fun, but above all more accessible.

Technologies: Platform financial algorithms, investment app, 'hybrid' exchange

Founders: Colin Groos, Michiel Stokman, Stefan Bijen

Core employees: 12 fte

Valuation: € 44 million (2019), built up in three rounds: € 3.5 million in May 2018, € 5.5 million in July 2018, after hybrid stock exchange development: € 30 million in January 2019. In April 2019, it closed an investment deal of at least 2.5 million at an enterprise value of 44 million.

The higher goal: To give everyone in the world access to the Wall Street level of investment. The founders of RevenYOU also have a strong idealistic side. Contributing to the fight against poverty through technology is a noble goal and a great motivation. Giving everyone, even the less fortunate, access to investment has a huge impact. In addition to the 'labour' factor, everyone has access to the 'capital' factor.

What is 'Wall Street' level investing?

By 'Wall Street' investment, RevenYOU means investing as the 1% richest can. Truly big players and billionaires have access to the best technology (JP Morgan employs over 5,000 mathematicians and econometricians). They have the fastest supercomputers and fiber optic connections. They can borrow $50 million in minutes at 0.5% interest to go 'short' on Tesla, for example, while they already know from the data that the price is going to fall. In short: 'Wall Street' investing is the pinnacle. RevenYOU wants to democratise this.

Note to the press:

* Journalists who would like to know more about this press release can contact Ap van den Berg,
RevenYOU's PR & Communication strategist (06-53374715). If desired, Michiel Stokman,
founder and managing director of RevenYOU, is available for quotes in newspapers and for radio and TV.

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