November 26, 2020

Team Agga launches first portfolio bot on the BOTS app

As of today, the first portfolio bot of Team Agga is available in the BOTS app: Mama Mia. A good moment to present Team Agga and their newest bot in more detail.

Team Agga launches first portfolio bot on the BOTS app
Team Agga launches first portfolio bot on the BOTS app

Team Agga

Most users of the BOTS app are now familiar with the bots created by Team Agga: the Mia bots. But who is behind Team Agga?

Dennis and Mark (Team Agga) talk passionately about the fast growing company. Mark: "My co-founder and I have been trading in crypt currency since 2016, most of which people declared us crazy. A year later it became clear how much return we were making. The question then, of course, was whether we could help them.

And so the first ideas for Agga were born. "Trades take a lot of time. The strategies we used worked incredibly well," continues Mark, "but that alarm clock at 4 a.m. to close trades was a lot less attractive".

The team therefore decided to convert the strategies into algorithms. And takes it one step further. "Building an algorithm is a tough job in itself, but you want your algorithm to continuously improve itself after that."

And in that Team Agga distinguishes itself from the rest. "At Agga we build two pieces of software, first the trading algorithms and second the optimization software for these algorithms. And we do that with a team of really smart guys who all have a beta background like studies like Quantum Physics and Computer Science at the best Dutch Technical Universities".

Dennis: "In this way we can not only create the Mia bots for BOTS, for example, but also make sure that there is software that improves new software (algorithms) on the assembly line". And that's what Team Agga is currently doing with a six-person team.

The Mia bots

Currently, Team Agga has six bots available in the BOTS app: The Mia bots. Each Mia bot uses the same strategy but uses a different coin. For example, the Sweet Orange Mia in BTC and the Cool Blue Mia in XRP.

"Actually, the strategy of every Mia bot takes the emotion out of action." Dennis says. "The algorithm behind the Mia bots is driven by short-term trends to maintain long-term profit."

That sounds more complicated than it is. The Mia bots are designed to go with the course, but get off in time if the course drops.

"And just getting out in time and keeping your profits is an aspect of acting that many people underestimate. Because there's profit there, too." Dennis said.

A quick calculation example:

Imagine depositing €100,- in any bot and the chow drops by a hypothetical 50%. Your €100,- is then suddenly worth only €50,-. In order to get your original deposit back, the price should rise again with 100% and not by 50%. After all, 50% of €50,- is €25,- and not €50,-.

Mama Mia

Mark: "Because the Mia bots are made to hold on to profits and thus get out when a price drops, you get much better results in the long run. So the Mia bots also make sure that you really don't have to act yourself anymore. They already do that for you."

Dennis is laughing: "It would be a bit crazy if I were to step into a hedge fund and change hedge funds every few hours. The BOTS app is actually a hedge fund, only accessible to everyone, and not just to the rich of the world. The algorithms on the BOTS app are made for the long term, so trading yourself is no longer necessary at all".

Precisely this principle ensured that Team Agga developed the Mama Mia bot. "This makes the principle of not acting on one's own anymore even easier."

The Mama Mia bot has the same strategy as the other Mia bots, but acts in all the coins in which the individual Mia bots act.

Mark: "Actually, the Mama Mia bot is really a sit back and relax bot. The algorithm acts for you in six coins (more to come later) and determines the in and out moments of these coins. Of course, the algorithm is also continuously optimized so that the Mama Mia bot literally takes care of everything".

Dennis is replenishing: "Algorithmic trading is now only available to people who can put a lot of capital into a hedge fund, by bots like the Mama Mia everyone now has access to algorithmic trading. Fair enough."

The Mama Mia bot is available from today in the BOTS app.

More information about Team Agga can be found on their website.

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