March 1, 2021

BOTS Goals: Sjoerd

Every user of the BOTS app has his or her own reasons for starting with the app. From now on, we'll be sharing the BOTS goals of a user every week. Today it's Sjoerd's turn, who strives for financial independence.

BOTS Goals: Sjoerd
BOTS Goals: Sjoerd


"Ameide is a village in Utrecht near Vianen. It's really only small, but so beautiful. And that's where I was born and raised." Speaking is Sjoerd Boon. A 28-year-old working as a commercial technical advisor. "Really a field service job, which I really love. You have a lot of contact with people, although now, because of Corona, this has obviously become much less."

In 2015 Sjoerd bought his first house. In Ameide that is. "It was a good time to buy, so in that respect I can't grumble."

Sjoerd and the BOTS app

Once he was settled in his new home, Sjoerd started following Doopie Cash on YouTube. He wanted to make more money out of his money. And now he had the possibilities to do so. So in 2017, Sjoerd purchased bitcoin himself.

"At one point, the guys from Doopie Cash were on TV at "How it's done" and BOTS was also in that episode. I really believe algorithms can do better than humans, so that had my attention right away."

And so Sjoerd also starts trading through the BOTS app. "I had actually promised myself a new computer with the profit I made from my bitcoin purchase, but that profit has completely gone to the BOTS app. So no new computer just yet," Sjoerd laughs.

At the moment, Sjoerd has about 20 active bots in the BOTS app, but he doesn't have a favorite bot. "The top one is always the most fun, of course, because there's the highest return on that."

Sjoerd doesn't have a strategy yet. "I just started with a one-time deposit and spread it out over a number of bots. The idea is to start paying monthly. I already do that with my shares."

Sjoerd now experiences less need to trade himself. "The added value of this has kind of disappeared with the advent of the BOTS app." Long ago, Sjoerd played an online game with his friends. "In that game you had to collect things and such, quite labour-intensive of course. Then we found a bot that did this for us so we could progress in the game much faster. And that's how it works with BOTS too, of course."

The BOTS goals of Sjoerd

For the future, Sjoerd actually has two goals. "Of course my first goal is to have all bots working for me," he chuckles. "But ultimately, of course, my goal is to become financially independent. And to remain so of course."

Sjoerd has calculated that if he can grow his wealth by €3000 every month that he will be financially independent. "So it's not about wealth for me at all. Material things honestly don't mean that much to me."

He especially wants to have a nice life where the fixed costs can be paid and there is money left over to go on holiday. "I go on winter sports every year and in the summer I like to backpack. Those are things I prefer to spend my money on."

Retiring early is not a goal for Sjoerd. "I actually really enjoy working and simply enjoy doing it, so for me it's not a goal in itself. The feeling that you have the choice to work rather than being forced to is, of course, the ultimate form of financial freedom."

And that feeling is exactly the freedom Sjoerd is going for, but in a way that he doesn't have to leave anything out now. "A balance actually between living now and planning for the future. And the BOTS app is a great tool for that."

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