January 25, 2021

BOTS Goals: Robin

Every user of the BOTS app has his or her own reasons for starting with the app. From now on, we'll be sharing the BOTS goals of a user every week. Today it's the turn of Robin, who would like to make a special trip in ten years time.

BOTS Goals: Robin
BOTS Goals: Robin


"Ten years is still a while of course, but I do assume that by then I will have made more returns than just for that trip." There will be no lack of confidence in the market and in the BOTS app, according to Robin.

Although he is only 25 years young, he already has a financial plan. "With my profession I won't get rich, it's just that simple. But because I do have a really nice profession, I will have to find another way to generate extra income."

Robin is a nurse on a hospital ward. Now he works in geriatric medicine. Between March and May he also worked on the Corona ward. That was a tough period. And although the pressure is as high as ever, Robin still enjoys going to work every day.

Robin and the BOTS app

"While talking to colleagues, you sometimes talk about money. That's really not a dirty topic these days. And my colleague Bas, who you've also talked to before, showed me the BOTS app."

This is how Robin gets to know the BOTS app for the first time. And actually he is immediately enthusiastic. "I received an inheritance not long ago and I used a small part of that to get started." The initial results prompted Robin to really start working on a strategy. "And now I deposit the same amount every month into the BOTS app. And that for ten years anyway."

With this strategy, periodically putting in money and not taking any action himself, Robin assumes that he is getting the most out of the bots in the BOTS app. "Of course I still look at the app too much, but I also notice that emotions start to play a role again. So I quickly turn off the app." Robin has also turned off the graphs in the BOTS app. "They also invite you to use your emotions, while you should just take a look once a month and get on with your life. Don't do anything else within the app."

And that is also the golden rule in the BOTS group in which both Robin and Bas are involved. Staying put and not acting on your own! "It's really nice to be involved in this way. You learn a lot from it. We are now with 7 guests in this group, and I do not even know everyone personally. It is really based on trust what we share with each other. I think that's a great starting point."

The BOTS goals of Robin

At the moment Robin has achieved a return of 39% since he started using the BOTS app. "That is of course a great result, and if I calculate that to my strategy I should have a capital of €100.000 in ten years. I could make that trip on that amount of money it seems to me."

And that trip would have to go to Australia and Asia. A long cherished wish of both Robin and his girlfriend. With, if given, their future children. "I would like to do this with my children, but at an age when they understand that they see an elephant. Otherwise I can take them to Artis too."

But according to his own strategy, in ten years he will have more than enough for such a wonderful trip, right? "Yes of course, but then I'll withdraw money for that trip and just leave the rest. Why would I have to take it out? Then I probably won't need it right away either and I can let it grow even further. Then it's not an apple for a thirst, but a whole orchard."

Did Robin also consider another scenario. Namely that it will not be worth €100.000 in ten years time. "Of course," Robin laughs, "it is not bad at all if it doesn't become €100.000. Even stronger, everything between €10.000 and €100.000 is pure profit. If I deposit every month an amount on my savings account, then it does not suddenly become more valuable. Even worse, it will only become worth less. Besides, I have faith in the market and in the bots on the BOTS app. So that return will be fine."

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