January 14, 2021

BOTS Goals: René

Every user of the BOTS app has his or her own reasons to start with the app. From now on we will share a user's BOTS goals every week. Today it's René's turn to stop working earlier.

BOTS Goals: René
BOTS Goals: René


Recently, René asked his son what he wanted to become later. "And then I realized that the answer doesn't really matter at all. You can always switch. It's not like it used to be that you chose something and that was it."

René himself trained as a bread and pastry baker and also worked as a baker for many years. "I soon realised that I didn't want to do this job until I retired. It's not only physically hard work, but you also lose out on your social circle. You're up early and you work when others are free."

The now 50-year-old René made a career switch himself. And has been working for a bank for years now. "Just started at customer service and grew within the company through internal and external training. So that's just possible."

René and the BOTS app

And although René really enjoys his job, he is tempted to stop working early. "At least partially," says René. And he has a plan for doing so.

"Anyway, I've been besieging for years. Just in shares. And then one Sunday morning I came across BOTS at Harry Mens." René reports as a depositary receipt holder. The first step. "And then, of course, I wanted to use the BOTS app myself. I think you should know what you're investing in."

In June 2020 he starts his first bot. "I then deposited £50 to discover the app. Meanwhile, I have about 20 bots running through the BOTS app."

As with its equity investments, René also has a strategy for its BOTS investments. "I start each bot with €50 and if it makes more than 10% more return, I add €50. If the return exceeds 20%, I add €100 and so on. Up to a maximum of €400,- per bot. If a bot doesn't make much return then I'll put the bot in."

René knows, from his experiences with investing, that he should not panic when the prices fall. "And I trust the bots in that, too. Of course, the prices fluctuate, but a bot is built in such a way that it is cleverly handled. If I wouldn't let the bots do their job, I'd better go day trading myself. And that's not the point."

And that's also what he gives to friends and acquaintances he has introduced to the BOTS app. "Make it work and don't act on your own. Just like with "just" investing.

The BOTS app puts René in for the long term. "I now have a 55% return on my total BOTS portfolio. Since June. I feel no need to include this now. You invest for the long term. I don't have an end date."

The BOTS goals of René

When will it be enough? I'm sure René has thought about that. "Look, getting rich investing is not an end in itself. I'd like to be able to partly stop working sooner, but to be able to live comfortably. For example, I really like to grab a terrace or go out to dinner. I want to be able to keep doing that."

Thanks to his investment strategy, René will soon be able to replace part of his income from his job with the income from his investments. Something he would also like to give to his son. "I also opened an investment account for him. And we look at that together on a regular basis. And of course, he finds it interesting when he sees his balance rise." On the other hand, he also wants to teach his son how to avoid mistakes. "I've also deposited on one share that went completely wrong. You learn from that. And that's what I also want to teach him: spread out, spread out, and spread out again. And for the BOTS app that doesn't work differently. Not all my money is on one bot, but I'm spreading it in there as well."

In the end, René hopes that, in addition to his own partly early retirement, he will also be able to support his son financially. "It would be great if I could help him buy his first home, wouldn't it? That will give him a head start in his adult life, and that's worth a lot to me."

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