February 17, 2021

BOTS Goals: Nico

Every user of the BOTS app has his or her own reasons for starting with the app. From now on, we will be sharing the BOTS goals of a user every week. Today it's Nico's turn, who wants to generate a plaster pension by investing via the BOTS app.

BOTS Goals: Nico
BOTS Goals: Nico


"The flowers," Nico says firmly, "I worked in flowers for years. And with great pleasure too." The 56-year-old Nico lives, since three years, with his girlfriend in Gouda. Before that he lived in North Holland. His two daughters have already flown the nest.

Nico's father had his own flower bulb nursery. "And of course I just worked there too. That's how it goes when your father has his own business." By now Nico has more than 40 years of experience in sales. "Not only flowers, but that's where most of my experience lies."

Nico even had a flower shop and a flower wholesale business in Germany. He returns to the Netherlands because he misses his family, but this experience gives him the opportunity to work as an account manager for a large flower exporter for the German market.

"And so I'm actually on the road for almost 40 years selling, trading and the flowers of course."

Unfortunately Corona threw a spanner in the works. Nico had just made the switch to another employer when the flower industry almost ground to a halt and his contract was not renewed for that reason. "That's sad of course," he says about this, "but I'm an optimistic person by nature, so those flowers will come back to me."

Nico and the BOTS app

And that's how Nico views investing. "The market has always proven to rise. Basically just as optimistic as I am."

It is with this same optimism that Nico is introduced to BOTS. "I attended the first roadshow right away, where RevenYOU showed the BOTS app to the world for the first time. So I've really been around for a while."

This roadshow impresses Nico. "Anyway, you make money with money. It's just that simple. And because I really loved the concept, I first bought some share certificates." Only after the beta phase of the app did Nico also start investing through the BOTS app. "And I've already earned a few hundred euros with that."

Nico is an enthusiastic user of the app. And although he certainly doesn't look at the BOTS app every day anymore, he still looks fairly regularly. "It's fun to see how your bots are doing. Saving doesn't yield anything anymore, so I'd rather watch my returns on the BOTS app."

Nico has already got a number of friends into the app. "We even have a whatsapp group: BOTS Talk where we discuss our results. January wasn't the best month, but luckily we are all sensible people who understand how prices can fluctuate.

Nico's tip for his friends? Follow everything that comes up on YouTube, read blogs, watch podcast, on TV at Business Class and then start a bot, sit back and watch the bots do the work.

The BOTS goals from Nico

Because Nico is both a certificate holder of BOTS and a user, he has two ways of making a return. "Ultimately, of course, I want to make money from it. It's as simple as that. Because I worked in Germany for a while, I have a pension gap in the Netherlands. It would be nice if the returns could fill this gap. As a sort of pension plaster."

When Nico retires, he will have worked for about 50 years. "And then of course I want to be able to do nice things. I now live near the Reeuwijkse Plassen and 2.5 years ago we bought a sloop. That's the sort of thing I want to keep doing, especially after I retire. Especially after my retirement."

Nico's girlfriend is half Spanish. "We visit family in Spain once a year now, but when I retire that frequency may increase" laughs Nico. "And it would be great if I could bring my future grandchildren along too. Let that patchy retirement begin!

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