February 1, 2021

BOTS Goals: Lesley

Every user of the BOTS app has his or her own reasons for starting with the app. From now on, we'll be sharing the BOTS goals of a user every week. Today it's Lesley's turn, who wants to become a millionaire before his 30th birthday.

BOTS Goals: Lesley
BOTS Goals: Lesley


Last January, Lesley turned 20 years young. He didn't celebrate it very much. Not only because of Corona but also because he's just very busy. "I'm doing a study and also have two jobs, so there's not much free time left for me."

Lesley is currently studying ICT. "I've always been interested in computers, but because things didn't go well at secondary school, I had to start at a lower level than I could handle. Fortunately, things are going well now. After this course I would like to continue with marketing. It has so many facets, I think a day in marketing will never be the same.

Lesley and the BOTS app

Since Lesley can be found on YouTube a lot from this interest in marketing, he was presented with BOTS' advertising a number of times. "I was already investing with Capitol and Training Viewer, but had been looking for a way to make it easier for myself. And then the BOTS ad came along. Exactly what I was looking for! Automatic investing, that's the future."

Last fall, Lesley downloaded the BOTS app and started his first bot. "The first bot I started was Hirundo, still one of my favorite bots." Lesley was so excited that he recommended the app to his friends. "One of those friends already has a return rate of over 100%. Really not normal."

The fact that the BOTS app only trades in crypto for the time being is no obstacle at all for Lesley. "Crypto is exactly what I like to invest in, but I think this is really the currency of the future. Look at Elon Musk. You can think all kinds of things about this man, but so far he's getting everything done that he says. So if he says that one day crypto can be used to pay on the moon, I'm going to assume that too."

Elaborating on Elon Musk and the BOTS app, Lesley states that it would be pretty genius if he ever built one (or more) bots for the BOTS app. "I can definitely see that potential in the app," he says.

To keep an eye on how "his" bots in the BOTS app are doing, Lesley keeps track of everything in an Excel sheet. "To my friends I tell them to just make a monthly deposit and not to do anything with it anymore. That is for a beginner, and actually also for experienced investors, simply the best long-term strategy."

Because Lesley is a fairly fanatical trader in shares on a daily basis, he regularly checks the BOTS app and notes his findings in the aforementioned Excel sheet. "I know I shouldn't be looking so fanatically, but I still can't seem to get it off."

The BOTS goals of Lesley

Lesley's fascination with investing stems from his youth. "In the past we did not have a lot of money, and of course I found that very unfortunate. I also had no time for a side job, because I often had to help my mother. And that sucks when you're a teenager. I also wanted to eat a can of energy drink and a frikadelic sandwich," laughs Lesley.

When Lesley was 16 he had his first job. "Because I was used to such a low standard of living, I suddenly thought it was a waste to throw all that money away, so I saved it all up. But then again, the savings rate doesn't make anyone happy, so I started looking for ways to make more money from that savings. And that's how I came into contact with investing, day trading and investing."

The first year certainly does not harm Lesley. From his original deposit of €5000 he managed to make €50,000. A great result. "Every week I spend about eight hours buying and selling myself, with this result. That was exactly the intention of course." Of course, Lesley didn't gain all this knowledge in one go. "You have to really immerse yourself in it," he says, "you can really learn. Watch videos, read blogs, webinars according. Everything is possible. But you have to want it of course."

When he had made his first €10,000 profit, it naturally beckoned to spend this money hard. "But then, when I consider that from the money I buy a pair of sneakers I can also make more money, then those sneakers suddenly seem immensely unimportant."

Lesley's goal is to be a millionaire by his 30th birthday and be able to live off his investments. "At the moment I'm investing 20% of my income, so if my income increases then I really want to hold on to this percentage. I really see investing as a "fixed expense" that comes back every month. And just by looking at it that way you can watch your money grow."

"If I can pay myself 8% of my own accumulated fund in the future, I think I will have a very good life. The rest of that fund should just keep growing. Then I might be able to provide my future children with a nice start as well."

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