February 8, 2021

BOTS Goals: Greetje

Every user of the BOTS app has his or her own reasons for starting with the app. From now on, we'll be sharing the BOTS goals of a user every week. Today it's Greetje's turn, who wants to create a basic income for herself by investing and no longer wants to be tied to time or matter.

BOTS Goals: Greetje
BOTS Goals: Greetje


The 44-year-old Greetje is certainly no stranger to investing. "Because I can't make a living from making art alone, I was looking for other ways to generate an extra income from an early age."

Besides her photography assignments Greetje also had other jobs for a while. Like in security. At Schiphol Airport, but also at the Stedelijk Museum. "The latter was of course really fun. You can spend the whole day among the art. Super special of course."

Unfortunately Corona throws a spanner in the works. "Understandable, but it does suck to be without that extra income again. Investing is really a way for me to create a solid base, so I am less dependent on, for example, extra jobs. Because those also come at the expense of my creativity.

And that's how Greetje stumbled upon the BOTS app. She started as early as March 2020. "Then still in the beta version," she laughs, "so I really participate from the beginning. And my love for technology and innovation was already nurtured at MTS photography. So I was actually excited very quickly."

Greetje and the BOTS app

After completing her studies Greetje quickly realised that very few artists were able to earn a normal income. In search of other possibilities she started looking for a course. "Six years ago I started with an investment course. It was specifically about investing in shares. And of course you meet new people there. With a number of people from that course we set up an investors' club."

And this club is quite active. They trade in shares, but also in Forex and in crypto. "I do like new things and also like to try them," says Greetje, "so I've also been trading crypto for quite a while."

The BOTS app is therefore right up her alley. "It's a combination of all the facets I like. Crypto, investing, technology and innovation. And the fact that it is so accessible is a huge plus for me. Because of the low entry threshold and the fact that you can just pay via iDeal instead of Bitcoin, I find it gives a lot of confidence."

From her investors club, the golden rule is "no emotions and no feelings" and Greetje sticks to that. "Every month I deposit €50 on the BOTS app and then choose a different bot each time. That way you spread your risk, of course. And this strategy works well for me, because at the moment the return on my entire portfolio is more than 135%." In between depositing, Greetje tries to look at the bots as little as possible. "That's that golden rule. When you start looking, no matter how cool you are, emotions always come up. While the bots are just doing their job. Emotionless."

Greetje doesn't have a favorite bot. "But I am eagerly awaiting other assets. I would really love it if BOTS would also start offering good assets, for example. I'm currently investing a lot in crypto, even outside of the BOTS app, so I would like to have more diversity in my portfolio. The BOTS app seems ideal for this."

Another lesson Greetje learned during all the courses and meetings with her club is dealing with loss. "It's only loss when you sell it. Otherwise it doesn't hurt you. Have you got a share or a bone in the minus? Just leave it. You only take a loss when you sell or stop a bone. Also, give the market time to rebound and don't take your loss. And that's what I see going wrong with other investors starting out. It's the emotion that takes over.

The BOTS goals of Greetje

When Greetje started investing, it was mainly a way to build up a pension, but she has since adjusted those goals.

"The possibilities are really endless. I believe that money should work for you and not the other way around. With the BOTS I actually want to arrange a form of basic income for myself, so that I'm not dependent on income in order to keep making art. If I can ensure that I can pay my fixed costs through investments, or through the BOTS app, then that creativity will start flowing again and you can do what you like."

So becoming rich in itself is certainly not a goal for Greetje? "No, absolutely not. I am also a great advocate of less possession. So it doesn't have to be such a high income to live comfortably." That this situation does not occur overnight, Greetje realizes all too well. "Investing is a long-term strategy. You need to be in it for the long haul and you need to keep investing. Then you also go COMPOUND And then it can go fast."

Greetje's goal is to eventually have €50,000 invested in the BOTS app. "With the return of the past year I can pay myself a pretty high income. And that's then a new starting point for me, from there you just go on."

Finally, Greetje would like to say one thing: "The BOTS app is really the future of investing. Big hedge funds have been doing it this way for years, so I'm glad there is now an accessible way for everyone to build a passive income."

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