January 18, 2021

BOTS Goals: Faik

Every user of the BOTS app has his or her own reasons for starting with the app. From now on, we'll be sharing the BOTS goals of a user every week. Today it's Faik's turn, who wants to get off the beaten track as soon as possible and escape the daily rat race.

BOTS Goals: Faik
BOTS Goals: Faik


Faik can easily be called a busy bee. Besides his studies (Chemical Engineering), the 22-year-old is always looking for interesting and fun activities. "For example, for my college I am a student creator. I make podcasts and vlogs for them. A lot of fun to do." In addition, Faik was always active in the participation council and the academy council.

A normal "student job" is nothing for Faik. "I worked as a self-employed person for Sony for a while, but because of Corona I can't work for this anymore." And so the inventive student came up with other things to earn money with. For example, he is busy setting up his own clothing brand BlessUp and has his own e-commerce business.

"Everything digital has my interest. For example, I would love to create an online training course, which is essentially a digital asset as well."

Faik and the BOTS app

It was precisely this interest that attracted Faik so much to the BOTS app. "I've traded with crypto before, but I lost solid money with that. Of course, it's also intensive to trade on your own." One of the brokers through whom Faik traded was even hacked. "On that money I'm still waiting," he says.

So wasn't Faik nervous about starting the BOTS app? "No," laughs Faik, "not at all. "I saw an advertisement on YouTube and of course I looked into the background of BOTS. And of course I did have cold feet for a while, but by delving into how the bots work on the BOTS app, that actually disappeared in no time."

When Faik just started, in May 2020, there was a moment that the app was down for a while. "That was a bit of a panic. Then those cold feet really came back for a while." It's precisely that panic that makes Faik not want to act at all himself. "I am much too restless to day trade myself. The bots in the BOTS app don't experience that panic if the price drops for a while, so it's better to let them do the work."

Faik's strategy is simple: deposit and wait. "Basically I sit on that egg and wait for it to turn gold. The market has always proven to have an upward trend so I take that expectation on board. And of course I'll do that with money I can spare."

The BOTS goals from Faik

Although Faik is only 22, he's already made it clear to himself that he doesn't want to join the rat race that basically everyone else is in. "BOTS could really be a way out of this. I don't want to take the same route of study, work, retirement and finally death. I want to make sure I can make my own choices and not feel trapped in that rat race."

Recently, Faik had an interesting conversation with his cousin. "Laziness is our blessing," he told me. And it is. We work really hard to eventually be able to be lazy, so to speak. That you can watch Netflix all the time, with no negative consequences. That's ideal anyway."

Of course Faik would prefer to take early retirement tomorrow, but he also realises that this is a utopia. "I don't need to become rich, there must be a form of passive income so I can live comfortably. By working on this at my age, everything comes within reach sooner. If I have a more than positive cash-flow in ten years, I can continue investing. And then the possibility of a fat car or a swimming pool in the garden might come along."

For Faik, BOTS is a way to make a positive contribution to his path to financial freedom.

"And eventually I would like to have €1 million in assets within 5 years and €10 million in cash in 10 years. Shall we call again then to check whether we've succeeded?"

Let's go, Faik!

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