January 29, 2021

BOTS issues loans

BOTS wants to strengthen its operations by issuing five loans. BOTS is growing fast, even faster than expected and that requires additional working capital.

It concerns the above mentioned loans.

Loans A, B and C are 'liquidity' loans. The example below explains this. The loans are for pre-financing so BOTS users can start or stop their Bots sooner. The liquidity provides a short term bridge of funds or assets that are on their way. With these loans we can pre-finance this process to a large extent* and therefore we achieve a big profit: customers can start investing immediately. These three loans are fully secured with capital, so the risk is relatively low.

An example: during a weekend the app receives €4 million in new deposits. This is done, among other things, via iDeal. Crypto exchanges are open 24/7, but the banks are closed. This poses a problem: we want the customer to be able to start trading immediately with the BOTSapp without having to wait. However, sometimes it takes several (working) days before deposits arrive at the right place. The money of the customer that was deposited on Friday evening, will actually arrive at the right place on Monday afternoon or even later. It is not possible to start immediately because the money/crypto is not there yet. With these three loans we bridge the time difference between Friday and Monday.

With respect to loans A and C, it is important to note that you are exposed to currency risk. The USDT (crypto version of the dollar) and the Bitcoin (BTC) can go up, but also down against the Euro.  

Loans D and E are intended to attract loans to finance BOTS in addition to shares. We now have substantial revenue growth and we expect the Netherlands to start making a profit in a few months. We are using it to further grow BOTS according to the business plan: At the moment we are growing even faster than planned and we think we can expand to 60 countries this year.

After the end date of the loan repayment will follow or you can let the loan continue if you want for the then current -possibly changed- conditions. The interest is paid quarterly. If you would like to transfer your loan within two years, you can make this known via the bulletin board. This is similar to the way in which certificate holders can transfer their certificates.


You can enter each loan as mentioned in the overview above. Are you interested? Send an email to with for which loan and for which amount you want to participate. She can assist you and provide the right information. Anita will take you through the next three steps:
- She will send you the forms and conditions by email. You can always call her at +31655786024
- After you have filled out the forms, she will take care of signing them by the management of BOTS
- Then you can deposit the amount and you will receive formal confirmation of this.

Allocation of the loan will be based on the receipt of fully and correctly completed forms.

Entry into this series of loans starts on 1 February 2021 and ends on 31 March 2021.