February 11, 2021


During the first BOTS TV show, Demian Voorhagen of was a guest in our own BOTS studio. Time to take a closer look at his BOTS app experiences and the future of



As an active member of the Discord community, Demian (better known as and owner of Dembots) is a familiar name to users of the BOTS app. He regularly assists users of the BOTS app with questions about the bots in the app. In addition, users of the BOTS app often find him when it comes to questions about investing or crypto.

But who are

During his studies, Demian first started investing. "You can imagine that with this little bit of money this didn't work out. So for quite a while I wondered how this could be done faster and more efficiently." Because Demian was actively trading himself, quite a lot of time went into this as well. "I traded in several markets, so you have quite a few exchanges to keep an eye on."

Trading bot

So it was from that thought that Demian wrote his first algorithm, a bot. "I wrote my first bot for my crypto investments, and it actually went pretty well." It went so well that Demian "rented out" his bots on other platforms, and in that way also started a revenue stream.

"Until in 2017 the crypto market completely collapsed. The algorithms I had created at the time couldn't act on every market movement. So that had to be better."

At that moment, the first idea about was born. "I really only wanted to focus on creating trading algorithms and then work with a party that could market them smartly, arrange everything for me and with whom I could optimize my algorithms. And this premise, of course, fits perfectly with BOTS." BOTS is perfect to run the algorithms on, but I was still missing a party that could help me so I could only focus on creating algorithms, and not all the logistics around it.

Initially, Demian put some bots on the BOTS app under his own name. "Those are my own algorithms and I'm also really the bot creator," he says. But it doesn't stop there for him.

"I see so many good traders with a good strategy, but they often lack the technical knowledge and time to turn this into an algorithm. And that's where we can help. And exactly this premise is the foundation of "Very briefly, we help people with a good strategy to make a bot of it, and if you want to learn this, we can help with that."

Currently, consists of three people and there are already a large number of signed agreements with upcoming bot creators. "We can completely code the strategy for them, but we actually want them to be able to edit their own strategy as well. Then you kill two birds with one stone."

Acting safely

Security is paramount to in this regard as one of the main requirements of the bots they eventually place on the BOTS app. "If you start coding a strategy yourself, without coding experience, not only are you going to spend an eternity, but you can also wonder how secure it is. That's why we really do it together with the person who provides the strategy, and we make sure that the algorithm created is also constantly optimized through machine learning.

If an algorithm (the bot) is deemed good and safe, will place it on the BOTS app and the creator of the strategy will receive his monthly share of the profits.

"So basically I've created what I would have liked to have had myself in the past. A company which converts a trading strategy into algorithms in a safe way. This way the trader can sit back and relax and doesn't have to worry that, while enjoying a cocktail under a palm tree, his algorithm will suddenly break. We take care of that part. All the advantages and none of the disadvantages."

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