April 30, 2020

BOTS BREAKING NEWS: Investments at the time of Corona

Virtually all financial markets have collapsed as a result of Corona, is this bad for investment or does it create opportunities? KLM/Airfrance prices halved and the end is not yet in sight. The entire AEX is also in free fall. The Bitcoin is being hit hard and even gold is falling, albeit much less violently. For the BOTS this is an opportunity to buy cheaply and take advantage of the high "volatility". In this article we share the pros and cons of boarding now and give a short update on the status of the app.

BOTS by RevenYOU | Investments at the time of Corona
BOTS by RevenYOU | Investments at the time of Corona

Advantages and disadvantages

If you invest yourself, an important question right now is: Are you going to wait or are you going to subscribe to certain funds now? That choice is very personal. However, there are both advantages and disadvantages to both choices.

  • Disadvantage

A big disadvantage of stepping in now is the chance that the stock exchanges (including the crypto exchanges) and therefore the value of your BOTS (or other investments) will fall even further. The BOTS are now also making a loss. On average -14% last week. (For connoisseurs: going short is not in the beta version). The impact of the current Corona crisis is not yet at its bottom. Coming financial month,- and quarterly reports could bring the prices even further down. The blow to all stock markets and the emotional impact of the Corona crisis could be enormous for a long time to come.

  • Advantage

This disadvantage is offset by a major advantage. It is no secret that low purchasing is the best investment strategy in the world. Besides high selling of course. At the moment you can buy low. Corona is a virus, but it won't knock the world over. Maybe the stock markets will fall a lot more, but the prices will eventually rise again. Buying now has become a great opportunity for a higher return.
BOTS now have many opportunities to buy favorably. While seemingly losing money, they collect more 'assets' such as bitcoins. 

The difference between BOTS and an investment portfolio

There is an essential difference between professionals who trade with their own money and BOTS by RevenYOU. An average bot is much more active than a trader could ever be. A bot searches for opportunities and possibilities without having to take a break to eat or sleep. The goal of a bot is to turn one Shell share into 11 shares in the short term. Or to turn one Bitcoin into 1.1 Bitcoin as soon as possible. 

With this technique they do a lot better than "real" traders on the same market. A bot doesn't only look at the value in euro's, but especially at how well he is doing compared to this market. 

Investment portfolio

For the time being, BOTS by RevenYOU is only active on the crypto exchanges. In the future this will be extended to the other exchanges. It will then be possible to have an investment portfolio that automatically trades for you. 

The asset managers who now trade with different investment portfolios see the value of their portfolios decrease significantly. These managers and traders must now be talking about 'hope'. Hope that the markets will recover when the Corona crisis is averted. 

In the future there will also be bots on the app that trade in investment portfolios. Because these are automated, trading will be smarter and safer. Hope will be replaced by science. 

The progress of BOTS by RevenYOU

Apart from the Corona virus, there is still a lot of work going on to improve the BOTS app. Last weeks a number of big steps have been made:

  • After 7 months of testing there appeared to be a trade leak. Not handy, but good to know so we can fix it. And that's now done. The internal trade part of the app is now much faster.

  • The total amounts you see in the app are correct. Good news, of course. Some percentages in the app are not always correct yet. Fortunately, we are still in the testing phase of the app, and expect to solve this soon. So please check the total amounts: they are correct.

  • Signing up for the app is now quite a lot of "hassle". We are aware of that. With the live app this will be a much more concrete and user-friendly process. 

We realize that really not everything goes smoothly yet, but we greatly appreciate the pioneering mentality of our testers. It is precisely by pioneering together that we can continue to professionalise the BOTS app and, together, turn the world of investment upside down. Last but not least, all testers (in appreciation of pioneering) will be the first to have access to the best bots when the app goes live. 

Investing is for everyone

Everyone should be able to invest. And now they can. With BOTS. Together we are going to make the world of investment fairer and more transparent. Are you interested, but your question hasn't been answered yet? Take a look at the FAQs on our site. Or contact us, we will be happy to explain it to you in person.

The BOTS app is now live

Important update: We are now out of the beta testing phase, download the BOTS app on your mobile phone today! For Android click here, for Apple click here.

There is no such thing as risk-free investment. You can lose (part of) your deposit.