November 9, 2020

BOTS Blog: What is the BOTS app

BOTS is going to turn the world of investing upside down. Algorithmic trading will become available to everyone in the world, not just the richest 3% in the world. To help you get started with the BOTS app, we've created some informative videos for you.

BOTS Blog: What is the BOTS app
BOTS Blog: What is the BOTS app

What's BOTS?

The BOTS app is an open platform on which expert developers offer their bots. These bots invest for you. They make their choices based on artificial intelligence, machine learning and algorithms. So bots are actually automated trading strategies.

With our app, the best trading strategies are now available to you. And not only for the richest 3% of the world. In this way, together we will turn the world of investing upside down and make it fairer and more transparent.

In the video below, we explain exactly what the BOTS app is and tell you how to start acting like a pro in five simple steps, without being one.

Under the video you can find the corresponding text.

What does the BOTS app do?

The BOTS app is going to help you make money. We believe that everyone in the world should have access to a second passive income. Today we explain how you too can act like a pro without being one. And that within 30 seconds.

The BOTS app is a mobile app in which smart bots will act for you. Handy, especially if you don't have any trading experience or don't have the time to trade at all.

Acting well takes time, commitment and is quite complex. The BOTS app makes this a lot easier for you. We do this by automatic trading strategies based on algorithms that take all the work out of your hands. We call these algorithms bots.

5 steps to act like a pro

With these 5 simple steps you can also act like a pro, without being one.

Step 1

Download the BOTS app from the App Store on your phone. For Android click here, for Apple click here.

Step 2

Start your first bot. You can already start trading from €50,-.

Step 3

Create an account. This can only be done with your phone number. Simple and easy.

Step 4

Pick the bot you want to trade with. There are plenty of bots in the BOTS app with all different levels of risk. So there is always a bot that suits you.

Step 5

Sit back and relax. The bots are doing the work for you now.

Investing for the long term

Congratulations! You've started acting now. You can get out at any time, but we recommend that you let the bots act for you for a longer period of time for a better result. After all, you are investing for the long term. We will write about it earlier in this article.

Need some help?

You're not getting out, are you?

On our YouTube channel you will find other instructional videos that might help you further. You are also very welcome on our Discord channel or at our support department.

Investing is for everyone

Everyone should be able to invest. And now they can. With BOTS. Are you interested, but your question hasn't been answered yet? Take a look at the FAQ's on our site. Or contact us, we will gladly explain it to you in person.

The BOTS app is now live

Download the BOTS app on your mobile phone today! For Android click here, for Apple click here.

There is no such thing as risk-free trading. It is possible to lose (part of) your stake.