March 16, 2021

BOTS Blog: Which assets should I start trading in 2021?

BOTS is going to turn the world of investing upside down. Algorithmic trading will become available to everyone in the world, not just the richest 3% in the world. To help you get started with the BOTS app, we've created some informative videos for you.

BOTS Blog: Which assets should I start trading in 2021?
BOTS Blog: Which assets should I start trading in 2021?

What's BOTS?

The BOTS app is an open platform on which expert developers offer their bots. These bots invest for you. They make their choices based on artificial intelligence, machine learning and algorithms. So bots are actually automated trading strategies.

With our app, the best trading strategies are now available to you. And not only for the richest 3% of the world. In this way, together we will turn the world of investing upside down and make it fairer and more transparent.

Apps to trade with

Simon wants to know what are the best assets to trade in 2021 and beyond. He doesn't have enough knowledge about this himself, but luckily he can always turn to Arthur, the head of the bot creator team at BOTS.

Artur shares in the video below what you can best trade this year. Both with a few hundred euros or with a lot more.

Trading expert

Arthur has a lot of experience in day trading. He started about 10 years ago when a friend pointed him to Plus500. "Of course, I was only 19 years old, so I was mainly playing with a small amount of money. Every now and then I would make a profit, but it wasn't really much at the time."

When Arthur started trading more and more, and also got better at it, he decided to start daytrade full-time. "The first two years went insanely well. I started with €10,000 and managed to turn it into more than €300,000."

The challenges of a daytrader

"Emotions are a daytrader's biggest challenge!" states Arthur. "There's really only one big thing that can get in the way and that's your own emotions. You are your own worst enemy." According to Arthur, as a daytrader you need to be aware of all the pitfalls you can step into. Both big and small.

"As human beings we suffer from FOMO(fear of missing out). If a price goes up, we want to profit from it. That's how our brain works. You also have to be patient enough to do nothing if no good trade comes along for you that day. That is not always easy."

These two pitfalls cause many people to transgress. "Purely because they have no patience and their emotions are not in control," says Arthur. "And of course greed plays a big part in this. Really successful daytraders can be counted on one hand."

Market expectations for 2021

Of course, Simon also wants to know what Arthur's expectations are for 2021. After all, 2020 was a bizarre year for a lot of markets.

"It's a bit crazy at the moment in the financial markets, so you're not really going to get a prediction from me," says Arthur. "What's important to realize is that there have been a lot of new investors and traders in the last year. And these are just people like your father, mother and neighbour. This, of course, has everything to do with the lockdown. If we look at data from the last 200 years, it often doesn't end very well for the new and inexperienced investors."

Arthur further explains his answer: "Because so many new investors and traders want to buy, many large companies are actually going to sell. This is because there is a lot of demand for shares (or other assets), which means that there is suddenly a lot of capital on the various markets. It can therefore go either way."

Arthur states that it makes sense to trade in a volatile market and to keep a close eye on the peaks and troughs. This way you'll be able to obtain the best results as a daytrader.

The best investment for 2021

When asked what would be a good investment for 2021, Arthur had to think for a moment. "It is important to look critically at what exactly you are going to buy. What has growth potential and what kind of developments do I see happening in the world? Those are questions you can ask yourself."

As an example, Arthur points out that the world is in the process of completely changing its energy supply. "The interesting thing about this, of course, is that we are still hearing very little about how we intend to store all this energy. The companies that are getting started with this, or have already, therefore have enormous growth potential."

Another example Artur mentions is space travel. Companies like Vigin Galactic and SpaceX. "And then it's useful to look not only at these companies, but also the companies that in turn supply Virgin Galactic and SpaceX. There's a huge growth market there, too, of course."

"Ultimately, of course, investing is a personal choice. "For example, I won't be investing in real estate anytime soon. It takes more than 5 to 10 years before I have doubled my investment. With the BOTS app, I have already achieved this within three months. And so everyone will have to decide for themselves which investment is the best for them and in what time frame."

Investing is for everyone

Everyone should be able to invest. And now they can. With BOTS. Are you interested, but your question hasn't been answered yet? Take a look at the FAQ's on our site. Or contact us, we will gladly explain it to you in person.

Need any help with anything?

If you still have questions about the BOTS app, do not hesitate to contact our support department.

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The BOTS app is now live

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