June 16, 2020

9 podcasts to listen next to the BOTS podcast

Since last month BOTS has its own podcast: the BOTS column. In this column Michiel (CEO) and Hendrik (COO) discuss all kinds of current topics and regularly invite a guest to take a firm stand. In addition to this podcast we have made a list of another 9 podcasts that are worth listening to.

BOTS by RevenYOU | 9 podcasts to listen next to the BOTS podcast
BOTS by RevenYOU | 9 podcasts to listen next to the BOTS podcast

Inspiring podcasts

Earlier we shared an article with 9 apps to use next to BOTS. Listening to podcasts we mentioned in it in addition to all your finance apps. Of course, we couldn't stay behind. Last week our sixth BOTS podcast went live. Michiel and Hendrik talked to John van der Hulst. John comes from the agricultural sector and has worked worldwide with different nationalities. In this sixth podcast he shares his lessons and his experiences with us. Among other things, we discuss whether having more free time also yields more productivity.

You can watch the episode below.

Apart from our own podcast, there are so many more podcasts worth listening to. The 9 podcasts we recommend to listen to are listed for you today.


All economic news is discussed in the Poen Podcast of the NIS. All aspects of the economy are discussed in turn. An informative podcast for anyone who wants to understand how the economy works and what you should do with it yourself.

Stock market watch - BNR

Every Friday a new BNR podcast will appear: Beurswatch. In this podcast Rob Jansen discusses current affairs that influence the stock market and investment. A must if you are interested in investing.

Good with Money

If you want to learn how to handle your finances smartly, so that your money will be left over (to start investing, for example) then the Good with Money podcast is definitely one to keep an eye on. Often experts are also invited to talk to you about current affairs.

The Sprout podcast - Sprout

Sprout is the place to be when it comes to investing, entrepreneurship, startup and scaleups. They too have a podcast focused on success stories, current affairs and for example business books.

The Next Gen Finance Podcast

In each episode the gentlemen of The Next Gen Finance Podcast talk to different people. From the largest multinationals to promising start-ups. All with one common denominator: an interest and passion for finance.

The Technologist - BNR News radio

What is the impact of new technological developments on our society? Herbert Blankesteijn and Ben van der Burg talk to high-profile experts on this subject in the podcast series De Technoloog (The Technologist ).

No agenda - Adam Curry

Adam Curry's No Agenda podcast, which he has been making together with John C. Dvorak, has been around for 9 years. Twice a week they mainly discuss issues that play in the main stream media and give their critical view on this. The podcast now has more than 450,000 listeners and has won several awards for "Best Podcast" in the category "Politics & Media".

The Tim Ferris Show

In the Tim Ferris Show, Tim Ferris interviews successful people. He questions them mainly on how they organise their lives and how they deal with money. Handling money smartly, says Tim, is a basic rule when it comes to being able to invest.

FD Podcast - Financieel Dagblad

The FD podcast focuses mainly on the economy and often goes into depth. This makes it not the "easiest" podcast to follow, but certainly one of the most interesting. Highly recommended as far as we are concerned.

The BOTS column

As far as we are concerned, the above podcasts are a selection of the enormous number of podcasts that can be listened to at the moment. Inspiring and instructive. We are also very curious about which podcasts you are listening to. Leave a message on one of our social media channels and we will make a new article with your input later.

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