Privacy Statement

Use of your personal data
BOTS processes personal data of all its customers and therefore also of you. BOTS needs your personal data for various reasons. To accept you as a customer, but also to be able to offer products and services. You can think of your contact details, but possibly also data about your income. For some legal obligations BOTS also has to follow your transactions. If you are no longer a BOTS customer, BOTS will destroy your personal data after a certain period of time.

In order to attract new customers or promote new products or services, BOTS also processes personal data. This often concerns a limited type of data, such as contact details. 

BOTS likes to be transparent about what BOTS does with your personal data and finds it important that they are correct. You can therefore ask BOTS to view, change, supplement or correct personal data. If you do not want BOTS to process your personal data, you can object. It is your data, so you can also ask BOTS to transfer data to you. 

Providing personal data to third parties
BOTS uses your personal data for its services. Sometimes BOTS provides your personal data to third parties. BOTS only does this if it is necessary to execute the agreement with you or to run the business efficiently. For example, BOTS cooperates with a party that looks at how BOTS can improve the user-friendliness of the website and mobile applications on behalf of BOTS. BOTS provides personal data to that third party in order to do so. BOTS always tries to anonymize as much personal information as possible. BOTS ensures that your personal data is in good hands there, like here.
BOTS must also comply with the legal obligations to provide information (including personal data). For example, to a supervisor or another government body, such as the Tax and Customs Administration.