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The global foundation for our scalable business model has already been laid and our break even point has been reached quickly. We'll deliver what we promise.

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RevenYOU is worth 100+ million for a reason

We fill a hole in the market, so big, that it is the start of a great voyage of discovery.

Unique product with high scalability and wide customer potential
Available in 18 countries
Rapid adoption, within 4 months 50,000 users
High quality technology and infrastructure
Strong earnings model and financial perspectives
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We organise events where you can meet the founders of RevenYOU. Here they will tell the whole story during these information sessions. How it started, the system, the earning models, the roadmap etc. Here you can also ask all your questions.

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Why invest in RevenYOU?

BOTS is the market place for automated trading strategies called bots. Users have access to a large number of bots via a super easy app. Created by the best developers and traders in the world.

Currently 75% of all global trading on exchanges is done by smart trading algorithms.
So far, algorithmic trading is poorly accessible to consumers, BOTS fills the gap.

Frequently asked questions

What is preferential access to the bots?

This means that shareholders are the first to be notified when new bots are launched on the platform.

What is the valuation of the company?

To determine the valuation of the company, it is important to know how many shares are in circulation. These are just over 4 million, so if you multiply this by the value of your certificate, you will get 4,120,500 x €24,50 = €100,952,250.

How does the valuation of the company come about?

There are several factors that influence the valuation of the company. - Valuation based on comparison with other comparable fintech start-ups / scaleups. - Discounted cash flow method based on our financial model. - Discussions we have with venture capital parties. - Valuation of the last round as a basis. - Price of the certificates on our internal bulletin board.

Would you like to become a shareholder?
Then click here!