The people
behind BOTS

The people behind the Bots
Michiel Stokman, Colin Groos & Stefan Bijen- Founders of RevenYOU

Acting on the basis of algorithms has always been for professional traders. A world far removed from the average trader. We want to change that.  

This is how the idea of BOTS originated in October 2017.

With BOTS, we make acting on the basis of bots accessible to everyone. On our platform we offer access to thousands of trading robots with which you can invest with only € 50,-. We launch our project in the crypto world, but will soon add traditional trade products.

60 percent of the world's population should be able to invest, while now a maximum of 20 percent does so. And only 1 percent invests with low costs and intelligent data.

Why is that
Rich people have access to better information and lower costs. In the West, people make money by working and return on capital, usually your home. We want to create such a second source of income for everyone. Developers of algorithmic investment strategies, often not very commercially oriented, come into contact with the rest of the world through BOTS.

BOTS is the market place for algorithms.

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There is no such thing as risk-free investment. You can lose (part of) your deposit.